Top Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

Visiting a foreign nation can be lots of fun. Of course you’re not going to be able to see everything in one trip. So make the most of what you do see. Also be sure to pick the best attractions they have to offer. Who knows if you’ll be able to make it back for a second trip? Here are some of the top things to do in Abu Dhabi.

Visit Ferrari World

Ferrari world has a lot to offer thrill seekers. They have the tallest roller coaster in the world. It goes at 120 kilometers per hour. Kids will enjoy the junior race track.

It’s a great place for them to test out their driving skills. Adults will love their collection of Ferrari and Lamborghini cars. They have models dating back to the 1940’s. You can also stop by for a Ferrari factory tour.

Check Out Their Boat Tours

Want the perfect view of Abu Dhabi’s glittering sky scrappers? Then you’ll definitely enjoy one of their boat tours.

Enjoy one of their island hopping tours. They stop so you can snorkel and enjoy the sandy beaches. You may also want to see the city at dusk.

If so, be sure to hop onto one of their sunset tours. There’s nothing more beautiful than Abu Dhabi at night.

Qasr Al-Hosn

Want to see the oldest building in Abu Dhabi? It was built way back in the 18th century. It was made for the ruling family and served as a center of government. It also goes by names such as the white fort or the old fort.

The building now serves as a museum. With plenty of old photographs on display. It also has lots of oral history, just like Marbella.

You’ll enjoy the amazing architecture of the place. There’s a wonderful courtyard and a beautiful mosaic over the building.

Visit The Falcon Hospital

Interested in the history of falconry? You’ll love this veterinary facility. They take care of old and injured falcons. If you’re lucky you may get the chance to feed and pet one of the birds. This depends on what the vets are doing at the time.

Yas Waterworld

Looking for a vast and amusing theme park? Look no further than Yas Waterworld. Yas Waterworld is home to the world’s only hydromagnetic tornado water rafting ride. There’s also a play area for families and small children if you’re not much of a thrill seeker.

Yas Island

Yas island is home to Abu Dhabi’s best hotel. With its white, sandy beaches, you’ll have a great time getting a sun tan. This little Island is also home to Abu Dhabi’s Formula One Race track. So be sure to catch a race while you’re there.

There’s So Much More To See

This place is great for those who want a vibrant city that’s also surrounded by beautiful nature. You’ll be sure to come back for a second trip once you realize how much there is to see. Be sure to visit all you can!