The Impact Of Social Media Marketing In World Luxury Travel

The tourism industry in an economy plays a pivotal role in boosting the annual growth index of a nation. On the other hand, with the advancement of technology and increasing penetration of internet even in the remote corners of the world, social media can cast an enormous impact on the tourism industry. The potential consumers often engage themselves in social media websites to plan trips about their travel. Moreover, social media networking sites have more than 50 million visitors who frequently research on trips and travel logs to make their trips fruitful and memorable. Also, the content used by these networking sites are user-friendly in nature and helps a great deal to the travelers who have queries regarding the place they want to travel.

Nowadays, it has become possible to get hundreds of preferences through the help of social media networking websites. This aids in a proper decision-making process. People these days are less confused about planning their trips. This has become possible with the help of social media websites. The tourists who have completed their trips write reviews regarding the nature of their trips and the place they visited on their last voyage.

To sustain in today's competitive market, the national tourism framework in a country needs to establish its connection to the online world well.

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